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How Many Lessons Will I Need?

This is a difficult question to answer, as everybody varies depending on there experience and speed of learning. As a general guide the DVSA (people who conduct the driving test) say that the average is around 46 hours of professional tuition, when combined with private practice. This is an average figure and many people are less than this.

Weekly Lessons or Intensive Courses, Which is Best?
Again this can depend on the individual person, but from experience we have found that pupils who may have done some lessons before are the most likely to benefit from intensive courses, to quickly progress them to test standard. For a complete beginner to do a 1 week course is very heavy going and hard work, with a rapidly approaching test date.

All of our courses follow a very structured format to cover the whole syllabus, and to develop every pupils skills in order for them  to become a safe and competent driver.

The Lessons
The lessons can begin from your home/work or college. You will first be told the subject to be covered in the lesson, and the aims and objectives of the lesson. You will then be guided through the subject, until you can manage the subject on your own. At the end of the lessons the instructor will recap what was learned in the lesson. Pupils can also be dropped off at home/work or college by prior arrangement with instructor.

Length of lessons
The traditional driving lesson is 1 hour, but many pupils now do lessons of 1.5 and 2 hours, this helps to cut down in the total hours needed to get to test standard. Lessons available of 1, 1.5 & 2 hours. Discounts are available for pupils who pay for Block bookings of 10 hours or more.

Intensive and Semi Intensive Courses

30 Hour course
This course is ideal for pupils with some previous experience. Can be done as intensive (in 1 week) or semi intensive (spread between 2 and 9 weeks).

20 Hour course
This is for those who have done many lessons before. Can be done as intensive (in 1 week) or semi intensive (between 2 and 5 weeks).

10 Hour course
This is for those who have recently failed a driving test. Can be done as intensive (in 1 week) or semi intensive (between 2 and 5 weeks).

Please Read Carefully
All our courses are designed for people who pick up the practical skills without difficulty to reach the required standard by the end of the course. As all people learn at a different rate, you may need more than the original number of hours to reach the standard required (at additional cost).

Terms and conditions

Personal Conduct
Your instructor will at all times adhere to the Driving and Vehicle Standards Agency voluntary code of practice.

The Driving and Vehicle Standards Agency examines, licenses and controls all driving instructors in the UK. Anybody giving driving instruction for money must have a licence to do so, and be on the register of instructors. Although large driving schools use partially trained instructors who have still to qualify, all XLR8 instructors are fully qualified approved instructors.

The tuition car is kept modern, fitted with dual controls and properly insured for driving lessons and tests.

Lesson start times.
Every effort will be made to meet you at the correct time for your lesson, but this can be affected by weather and traffic. Even when a Instructor is late the full booked lesson time will be given.

Please give as much notice as possible if you have to cancel a lesson. Lessons cancelled with less than 24 hours notice must still be paid for.

Full written Terms and conditions are available on request.

Private Practice
Private practice in your own time is a great way of keeping the cost of driving lessons down.
First you must get a qualified driver(mum,dad,brother,sister) to sit next to you. You must also get insurance for you to drive the car.
This is a great help once all the basics have been covered on your lessons, to be able to go out and practice what has been learned.