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Test info

Test Info

To obtain a full UK driving licence you now have to pass two tests. The first of these is the Theory and Hazard perception test.

Theory and Hazard perception test

Test info

The test is in two parts lasting about 1.5 hours in total. The first part is the Theory Test, this test comprises of 50 multiple choice questions with normally at least 4 possible answers. The last 5 questions are in the form of a case study, where you have a short paragraph giving a driving scenario, the 5 following multiple choice questions are based on situations linked to that scenario. You must score 43 out of 50 correct to pass this part. You are then allowed a short break before starting the Hazard Perception part. In this second part you will be shown 14 short clips of a car driving along different types of road, from the drivers point of view. In each clip their will be at least one ‘score-able hazard’. When you see a hazard start to develop you need to click the mouse of the computer. But beware because one of the clips will contain 2 hazards. Each hazard has a maximum score of 5 points, the earlier you spot the developing hazard the more you score. If you click too late you may score nothing for that hazard. You must score 44 out of 75 to pass this part. You will be given your result shortly after you finish your test. You must pass both parts together to pass the test. This test currently costs £31.00. XLR8 Driver Training can book the test for you when ready, or you can book it yourself. To book your Theory and Hazard Perception Test click here Once you have passed the Theory and Hazard Perception Test you become eligible to book a Practical Driving Test.

Practical Driving Test Report

Practical Driving Test

This test is in 3 parts, lasting around 40 minutes in total. The first is an eyesight test. You must be able to read a vehicle number plate from a distance of 20 meters in good daylight. The second part is 2 safety check questions, where the examiner will ask a question on basic car maintenance at the test centre, then during the drive ask you to operate a control(for example windscreen washers) in a safe manner. The third part is the test of driving ability. You will drive around a short route lasting around 35-38 min. During this drive the examiner will get you to perform one manoeuvre, which could be;

  • Parking into a car park bay, then manoeuvre out
  •  a Reverse Park (parallel parking)
  • pulling up on right, then reverse back a short distance.

During the drive the examiner may also ask you to do other tasks such as;

  • an emergency stop
  • an uphill start
  • a downhill start
  • move away at an angle

At some stage during the drive you will be asked to do around 20 minutes of Independent Driving, without step by step directions from your examiner, this will be done either by following clearly marked Road Signs or following directions from the examiners sat nag.

The drive will also include roads with different speed limits and traffic volumes. During the drive the examiner will be assessing any mistakes or errors that you make. The examiner will decide if the mistakes were minor (driving error), serious or dangerous. You will pass if you make 15 minor driving errors or less. If you make 16 minor driving errors, or any serious or dangerous errors then you fail the test. This test currently costs £62.00 XLR8 Driver Training can book this test for you when you are ready, or you can book it yourself. If you book your own Practical Driving test please ensure that your instructor is available at the time and date of the test as you will need the school car to sit the test in.

 What next?

Pass Plus Course

Once you have passed both tests you can now apply for your full driving licence.You may now want to consider further training  such as Pass Plus. Pass plus is a government backed course to further develop the skills of newly qualified drivers. It is open to anyone up two 2 years after passing their Practical Driving Test. People who successfully complete the course can qualify for a discount on car insurance from many top insurance companies. The course covers 6 subjects;

  • Town Driving
  • All Weather Driving
  • Out of Town Driving
  • Night Time Driving
  • Dual carriageways
  • Motorways

Their is no test to sit, once your instructor is satisfied that you have displayed the correct skills then you are issued with a certificate. XLR8 Driver training deliver the course in either 6 one hour sessions or in 2 three hour sessions. The savings made on insurance can be much greater than the cost of the course.

Motorway and Refresher Lessons

XLR8 Driver Training also offer Motorway Lessons and Refresher Lessons. Motorway Lessons are for people who might not have ever driven on a motorway, or are maybe just unsure and would like a little help from a driving instructor.

Refresher Lessons

These are for those who may not have driven for some time and would like a little help and confidence boosting. Also helpful for people applying for a new job involving driving, where the employer may use a driving assessment as part of the interview process.